Classics are called classic for a good reason, meaning you will love or enjoy them just as much as your grandma or mum once did. Today, engaged couples are able to register for a few wild desires, such as swimming with the stingrays in Tahiti, or asking to contribute to the down payment on a first home, along with “everything in between”. The “everything in between” is usually made up of just about everything that you can think of that people may want in their homes. So going over a registry in many cases can be somewhat overwhelming.

The Good News

There are many classic ideas for gifts that are the ideal choice, regardless of whether they feature on the wedding registry or they don’t. This includes the items that your mother, her mother, and even her mother’s mother might have received when they got married. In fact, you can be assured that your favourite brides and their grooms-to-be will appreciate these ideas for wedding gifts that are more traditional. The key is to go for quality, from providers such as The Abbey Group.

1. Quality Pots and Pans

Today, when couples are probably living in the same house before they are married, the likelihood that they have a kitchen that is fully stocked is pretty high. However, everyone is always interested in an upgrade. Progressing past the hand-me-down pans and pot sets that your mother gave you when you moved out of your parents’ home is always seen as one of the bigger deals. A wedding is an ideal time to get a brand new copper set or some iconic Le Creuset cookware. This is usually the type of thing that you find hard to buy on your own if you already own a perfectly good yet outdated set.

2. Classic Barware

In the real world, not many people use crystal decanters, or stainless steel strainers and cocktail shakers, or complicated yet extremely fancy bottle openers that often. Yet this is the reason why they make the perfect gifts. The bar cart that is fully stocked just oozes “adulthood” and these are the gift types that last a lifetime. This means that the groom and the bride-to-be will probably still be using their Waterford carafes that you gave them even when they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

3. Alcohol

On the subject of drinking, it is always a good idea to gift the newlyweds with the stuff that will keep them toasting well after the wedding is over. The more classic route would be to buy a bottle of Veuve. This will offer the couple a way to celebrate their honeymoon or even their first anniversary. You can also buy them one of the bar cart staples such as a good quality bottle of scotch or whiskey. If you would like something more creative, think about a case of good quality wines that feature a tag on every bottle. These tags will tell them at what milestone they should be drinking them at. Think about first dinner party, first anniversary, first fight, first baby, etc.

4. Fancy Appliances

Appliances may not seem like the most heartfelt gifts, yet many couples do not have the resources to fork out the cash for that new hi-tech vacuum cleaner or something similar, especially when they are paying for their own wedding. Yet you can be sure they will really enjoy a Dyson over that vacuum cleaner they purchased in the last Black Friday sale. Other ideas include a KitchenAid that would replace their old mixer. In general, good quality cooking appliances are still very popular wedding gift ideas for newlyweds.

5. Good Quality Linens

Sleeping on sheets with a 200-thread count from one of the cheaper stores is not bad, but if you were offered with an 800-thread count Egyptian cotton, the choice becomes easy. There is not much else as luxurious as sleeping between sheets that are soft and silky. This is one of the perfect gifts for a couple to enjoy the first night in their marital bed.

6. Great Luggage

Luggage that is fancy is one of those splurges that not many think they need or want until they find themselves stuck at an airport or hotel with an old bag with a broken zipper. If you decide to gift the couple with a last-forever and chic suitcase, they can really travel in style for their honeymoon. If you want something more personal to add into the gift think about passport holders that feature the new initials or the couple or monogrammed-luggage tags.

7. Stunning Picture Frames

The one thing guaranteed to come after the wedding, besides the lawfully wedded couple and a hangover, is tons of photographs. Many of the grooms and their brides spend a fortune on the wedding photographer along with the photo books, which means you will never go wrong when you gift them with the perfect way to display their favourite photographs from the big day. If you would like to take it one step further, you can engrave the frames with the wedding date, their initials or anything else significant about the wedding.