The experience of the Bear Grylls Adventure demonstrates that there are four major skills that you must learn in order to feel comfortable in all situations. Those are archery, overcoming physical obstacles, solving escape rooms, and solving mazes. All four need to be done in the Basecamp section of your visit to the Bear Grylls Adventure centre located in Birmingham. There is more. After you complete Basecamp, you can add four headline activities to your expedition: indoor skydiving, taking on a high ropes course that you access via zip line out of a model helicopter, climbing walls that have been designed to mimic the conditions of real-world famous ascents or scuba diving (snorkeling) inside of a tropical tank. Or you can buy an all-in pass and do Basecamp plus the four headline activities.

Do Some Big Game Fishing At The Algarve

The Algarve is a place in Portugal where you might not expect to encounter anything more dangerous than a few sunburned Brits. However, if you head out on the water surrounding Albufeira, you will have the opportunity to reel in some very big fish. There are three different types of sharks patrolling the waters – mako, blue and hammerhead – and also there are swordfish and tuna lurking within the depths. After snapping a photo with your big catch you will need to let the fish go, however, the sheer exhilaration of getting the best of such a magnificent sea beast can definitely carry you through a long night out on the town after reaching solid ground once again. Or, if sea beasts don’t take your fancy, how about a land beast in neighbouring Spain? Baby bull running in Madrid has become an increasingly popular and high-adrenaline stag activity – and there are events all over Spain, not just Madrid, so you could bull run in the morning and the hit the beach in the afternoon!

Golfing Your Way Around Ireland

One of the best feelings in the world is to head out to the first tee with friends on a gorgeous green golf course, and no matter where you go in Ireland, there will be a glorious course that awaits you. Assuming that everyone in your party plays golf, it is the perfect outing for a stag. It isn’t too strenuous of a task after staying out late the night before, and there are lots of opportunities for having good-natured fun and rivalry. Naturally, this is for the more genteel groups, so if your friends want to down pints for five hours instead, then keep them away from the links. Just place a pin on a map of Ireland and you will be sure to land on a spot that is close to an excellent golf course that has a friendly atmosphere. There are several outstanding options near Cork and Dublin if you would prefer to be close to a large city.

Climb Up An Ice Wall

Yes, just like in the Game Of Throne. To a certain extent at least – only this wall of ice is just 12m high and you will also have expert advice and ropes, which is a bit different than trying to tackle a 200m sheer while of ice while being attacked by the White Walkers and/or Night’s Watch. Ice-climbing is fortunately not even the most adrenaline-pumping activity that you can take in the Scottish Highlands at Ice Factor since there is an aerial assault course that you can also go through. This 250m-long course comes with obstacles such as commando nets, vine swings, and tightrope walks, which are all 10m over the ground.

Book A Castaway In Cornwall

Newquay is a coastal town in Cornwall that is among the best adventurous stag places in the UK due to the wide range of activities that it offers and it has a nightlife scene that is equally impressive. We will assume you won’t have any problems organising your pub night but for your daytime fun book a Cornwall Castaway adventure with the Newquay Activity Centre. This will have you shipwrecked off of the coast and you will need to make it over to dry land via lots of wild swimming and having to climb across the rocky coast, and then jump off large cliffs where you are plunged into pools. After making your way to Dead Man’s Cove and then next, you will learn survival skills and eat some foraged food. Then it is time to make your way back to civilisation by paddling your way back to shore in a SUP (short for stand-up paddleboard).