There is just something magical about Greece, isn’t there? If you have never visited, this summer is the perfect time! It is a great location for a family holiday, it offers plenty to do and a lot of history, in addition, it has some of the best weather in the region. Last but by no means least, it offers exceptional value for the money.

Greece contains well over 600 islands with only 227 of them being inhabited. In fact, it is quite possible to never visit all of the Greek Islands in a lifetime.

Greece has a way of allowing people to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle in a way that has not been able to for several decades. For many, Greece is able to give a sense of what it was like to experience southern France and Italy in the early 1950s. Greece just has an old-fashioned feel to it that you simply can not find in most other areas around the world, you are able to relax and not feel crowded like you would at many other tourist destinations.

Of course, there are going to be those areas of Greece that are more crowded than others, however, it just takes but a few moments to find your own little area of seclusion.

Unspoilt Greece

Much of Greece has an untouched feel about it. You can walk around quaint little villages and still find people sitting in the streets playing cards and having a morning coffee. In addition, once noon hits it is quite possible to walk into town and find it completely empty due to everyone having a siesta.

Greece is one of those areas that is spot on for a family holiday. If you are traveling with children expect them to be adored and coddled by locals and the laid back atmosphere is truly a nice change of pace.  Try out the Mitsis Laguna Resort & Spa for a relaxing and stress-free environment.

While there’s so much beauty to Greece, there is also a lot of food. The food you are going to find on the Greek Islands is not only healthy but it is downright incredible! It is possible to eat fresh salads and fish and never get tired of it. Enjoy your holiday as you spend the day with plates of fresh calamari, octopus, whitebait, red mullet and sardines.

One of the best ways to experience authentic Greek food is by ordering a large variety platter filled to the brim with stuffed vine leaves, stuffed peppers and tomatoes, grilled feta cheese, cheese and spinach pies, and a really good Greek salad! This is going to allow everyone at the table to have their favorite as well as try something new.

Also be sure to enjoy your meal mezze-style for a more social meal. When we share food we are creating memories and experiences. It allows us to talk and exchange our thoughts and experiences from the day.

Greek History

As children we learn early on about the history and myths of the Greek Islands. When you have the opportunity to visit the islands in person all of that history and romance instantly comes alive.

Being able to see where the first Olympics took place, or climbing to the top of the Acropolis, visiting the Parthenon, it allows you the chance to see all of these spectacular locations in person.

Greece has always been a location that offers the best value for the money. It is possible to enjoy a gorgeous boutique hotel for a much cheaper rate than one would pay in France or Italy and a full family can enjoy a full dinner for under 45 euros.

More than likely, you will not have to pay for a visa and as long as you book your flight early enough that will not cost much either. There really is no reason to wait, go ahead and book your Greek holiday today!